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ProductTank Taipei #19 - Product Is Hard - Marty Cagan

"Product is hard" 這題目也太精闢且血淚了,Marty Cagan 的引言是這樣講的:
We'll talk about politics, culture and even (process) religion. We'll discuss prioritization and decision making, especially when we don't have as much data as we'd like; handling very difficult people especially senior executives; managing conflict on the team; dealing with low morale; changing company culture; regaining control of your time, and picking your battles. 這場難得的大師演講(雖然是英文),怎麼能錯過呢! ProductTank Taipei 這次完全升級活動規模,舉辦了這場大型演講,sponser 都是響噹噹且深耕台灣的新創或高成長公司,包括大家熟悉的 Pic Collage、arc () x codementor、Mozillia(我有聽 ProductTank #13)、Pinkoi(我也有聽 ProductTank #14)和 Business Weekly。

Marty Cagan 的個人簡介,我直接取用主辦單位的介紹:

Marty Cagan, Founder and Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group
Before founding the Silicon Valley Product Group to pursue his interests in helping others create successful products through his writing, speaking, advising and coaching, Marty Cagan served as an executive responsible for defining and buildin…